ACAPMA offers a program of industry learning solutions that will deliver skill and compliance outcomes for your business.

ACAPMA’s online Petrol Convenience Compliance training is the industry’s most comprehensive safety and compliance solution delivered to your site in the most modern and cost effective way.

With over 1200 service stations and greater than 4000 employees undertaking the PCC, ACAPMA is the largest petroleum industry specific training organisation with courses are open to all in the industry.

Petrol Convenience Compliance (PCC)

Restricted Products Compliance

Personal Safety

Tobacco Compliance

Environmental Safety

Retail and Consumer Compliance

Forecourt Safety

Fire First Response

LPG and Autogas Safety

Armed Robbery and Security

Food Safety

In-store Safety and Manual Handling

Do you want your staff to undertake the PCC in the most cost efficient way?


Then Key to Compliance is the answer!



Key to Compliance delivers tools to your site that include:

  • unlimited staff log ins*

  • the best employee induction training

  • refresher training for existing staff

  • how to respond to incidents

  • proactively preparing for inspections

  • building a ‘safety and compliant‘ culture on-site

*subject to a fair play policy