ACAPMA’s industry learning solutions are exclusive, specially designed, compliance focused courses for the fuel wholesale and retail industry.

ACAPMA’s training programs are delivered online, accessible at any time on all devices, and supported by ACAPMA’s in-house training specialists.  The ACAPMA team is constantly reviewing, enhancing and expanding the learning solutions, including working with operators to develop bespoke and customised online and face-to-face courses and materials.

Retail Fuel Industry Training Solutions

For front-line retail staff the Petrol Convenience Compliance (PCC) course focuses on ensuring staff are aware of the risks, hazards and controls associated with their work, and know what to do to keep themselves, your customers and your business safe and compliant.

The PCC course includes rich multimedia modules and assessments on:

  • Restricted Products Compliance
  • Personal Safety
  • Tobacco Compliance
  • Environmental Safety
  • Retail and Consumer Compliance
  • Forecourt Safety
  • Fire First Response
  • LPG and Autogas Safety
  • Robbery and Security
  • Food Safety
  • In-store Safety and Manual Handling

Recognised across brands and operators, the PCC forms an excellent basis for keeping compliance front of mind for experienced staff, and for exposing new staff to the realities of compliance and safety requirements that apply to a retail fuel site.

New Zealand

The Petroleum Convenience Compliance course also available in a specific Petroleum Convenience Compliance New Zealand (PCCNZ) course.  The PCCNZ was developed with the involvement and support of the MTANZ and in consultation with WorkSafe NZ and is recognised as meeting the required standard of training that WorkSafe NZ requires when certifying sites as safe to operate.


The Petroleum Convenience Compliance course is also available in a generic International format and is currently delivered in more than 6 countries outside of Australia and New Zealand.

PCC Course Outcomes
PCC Australia Information and Application
PCC NZ Information and Application
WorkSafeNZ Site Certification Information

Wholesale Fuel Industry Training Solutions

For wholesale fuel staff the NPCRS Delivering Fuel course focuses on ensuring staff are refreshed on the risks and hazards of delivering to a fuel retail site.  Recognising that fuel delivery drivers are extensively trained and qualified, this short course is focused on refreshing the additional risks that the retail site poses.

Fuel Industry Contractor Training Solutions

For those who do works on a fuel site, it is important that they have a demonstrated understanding of the risks and hazards associated with undertaking works (from lawnmowing to concrete cutting to fuel site design and installation).  The NPCRS Introduction to Working on Fuel Sites course offers an excellent site induction course that exposes contractors to the specific risks and hazards that a fuel site encompasses.  Offered as part of the National Petroleum Contractor Recognition Scheme (NPCRS) this course is delivered online.

NPCRS Information and Application

COVIDAwarness Training

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in May 2020 ACAPMA released a set of free COVIDAwarness Courses for Retail, Wholesale and Administration.  These courses are delivered online and available free to all ACAPMA Members.


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