ACAPMA has a series of 2020-2021 guides and resources available to members.

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  • Award Wage Rate Quick Reference Guides
    • Clerks Private Sector Award
    • Road, Transport and Distribution Award
    • Vehicle Repair, Service and Retail Award
  • Commencing Employment
    • The Basics of Employing Fuel Retail Staff Guide
    • Engagement Documents Guide
    • Individual Flexibility Agreement Guide
    • Position Descriptions Guide
    • Business Policies Guide
    • Code of Conduct Guide
  • Daily Management
    • Performance Management Guide
    • Events at Work Guide
  • Leave
    • Annual Leave Guide
    • Personal Carers Compassionate and Domestic Violence Leave Guide
  • General
    • Shift Loading Guide
    • Casual Conversion Guide
    • Training Register Guide
    • Transfer of Business Guide
    • Contractor Management Guide


Developed in concert with the operators, suppliers and regulators the ACAPMA Fuel Industry Best Practice Guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated as required.

These Guidelines are provided to all industry participants in the interest of safe operations.

ACAPMA Fuel Industry Best Practice Guide – Biofuels Storage and Management
ACAPMA Fuel Industry Best Practice Guide – Stormwater Management
ACAPMA Fuel Industry Best Practice Guide – UPSS


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