ACAPMA members have reported an increasing unwillingness of Australia’s Big 4 Banks to finance ‘fossil fuel assets’ as big businesses seek to demonstrate their ‘Net Zero credentials’ to the Australian community.

Regardless of the merits of this move, the change in the financing stance of most of Australia’s major banks has meant that fuel businesses are experiencing increased difficulty in securing competitively priced finance to fund forecourt assets and retail fit-outs.

Thankfully, there is a comprehensive ‘second-tier’ financing market in Australia that is more than capable of supporting the asset financing needs of Australia’s $75B retail fuel industry. Given the large number of varied offerings, this market is best navigated with the help of an asset finance broker who can work with your business to understand the needs of the business and then provide a range of finance options that best suits your needs.

ACAPMA has partnered with Quantum Business Finance to provide members with access to a broker with a proven track record in brokering asset finance solutions for Australian businesses of all types. Quantum Business Finance has had an association with ACAPMA since 2017 and David Gandolfo (Co-Founder and Director) has previously presented at the ACAPMA’s Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum.

“There are numerous bank and non-bank financiers that are available to provide competitively priced asset financing products for Australian Fuel Businesses. Having worked with ACAPMA, both in my role as Co-Founder and Director of Quantum Business Finance and as a former Director of the Commercial Asset and Finance Brokers Association (CAFBA), we have a strong understanding of the asset financing needs of Australian fuel businesses – from the very small family owned businesses to the much larger fuel network businesses”, said Quantum Business Finance Director David Gandolfo.

If you are seeking help with an asset financing solution, complete the form here and David and his team at Quantum Business Finance will be in touch.