C-Store Training Solutions

It is a requirement of Australian safety laws that a business is able to demonstrate that they have trained all workers effectively in the risks, hazards and compliance requirements faced in the workplace. ACAPMA can help meet these requirements.

Building on its proven history delivering the gold standard in compliance training in the P&C segment, ACAPMA has developed a dedicated convenience store focused training solution:  The ACAPMA Convenience Store Compliance (CSC) course.

The CSC is focused on compliance, safety and those elements that are common to every site.  Delivered online, the training is accessible on learners devices, giving flexibility to study when and where it suits, providing interactive, up to date and engaging content.

The CSC offers training options that are designed to be completed by frontline staff, onsite managers and senior managers.  It provides tiered learning levels that form skill and development pathways from site entry level roles to management roles.


The CSC is the dedicated, customized and fully supported compliance training that C-Stores have been asking for




Detailed training developed by the  industry association to meet compliance and best practice requirements


Self paced 100% online learning ensures immediate access anywhere on all devices with detailed completion tracking


Certificates issued on course completion are mapped to the Learning Outcomes for clarity and transparency


Initial training is backed by condensed annual refresher training keeps compliance current and efficient