Our public policies identified in this document guide the advocacy activities of the Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Associations (ACAPMA) in terms of both:

  1.  Industry protection. Informing advocacy positions that seek to defend the industry against current and future public policies that unduly erode industry value or the value of businesses participating in the market.
  2.  Opportunity conversion. Informing advocacy positions that seek to convert opportunities to enhance the value of the industry and the businesses participating in same.

These policies are high-level policies (as opposed to specific positions on individual issues) and have been developed to be wholly consistent with the Association’s Constitution.

As such, these policies generally do not change from year to year. Rather, they are reviewed periodically by the ACAPMA Board to ensure that they remain consistent with the contemporary interpretation of the Association’s Constitution.

The public statement of these policies is intended to help ACAPMA’s members (and external stakeholders) readily understand what the Association stands for – and therefore anticipate how the Association would likely to respond to current and future industry issues.