ACAPMA Membership provides access to all of the Association’s products and services, many at a significant discount, and offers Fuel Distributors and Retailers the support of a registered employer organisation, the advocacy of a national association and the networking of an active industry.

ACAPMA Fuel Distributor and Retailer Members gain;

  • a voice in government and regulatory advocacy
  • ability to vote in, or stand for, election on the ACAPMA Board
  • access to HR/IR general assistance, support and resources
  • representation in unfair dismissals at the Fair Work Commission up to the Conciliation Conference stage
  • access to voluntary Audits and Training at discounted rates
  • daily news from the industry, plus a weekly newsletter
  • access to  the APFI Forum at discounted rates
  • access to events and workshops throughout the year focusing on current issues at discounted rates (often free)
ACAPMA Membership Information and Application


ACAPMA represents the whole industry.

While traditional Membership explored here is for Fuel Distributors and Retailers (parties engaged in the distribution and or retail of petroleum products), ACAPMA has alternative engagement programs.

The ACAPMA Partnership program is designed for suppliers to the industry while the ACAPMA NPCRS Program is designed for fuel site contractors.

Each program delivers its own engagement options and benefits click the links below to explore these other engagement options.

ACAPMA Partnership Information and Application
ACAPMA NPCRS Information and Application


If you have any questions or would like to apply for ACAPMA Membership, please leave your details and a brief message below and we will respond shortly.

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