ACAPMA Membership Benefits

Staffed by four full-time professionals, the ACAPMA Secretariat is devoted to advancing the interests of the downstream petroleum industry via balanced advocacy, deep research and provision of services that are tailored to the specific needs of the downstream petroleum industry.


Secure advice on employment, industrial relations and petroleum industry matters

ACAPMA is first and foremost an Industrial Organisation that operates as the “union of employers” for all businesses that comprise the Downstream Petroleum industry in Australia – including petroleum wholesalers, retailers, equipment providers and petroleum services providers. As a consequence, the Association has deep employment, IR and technical expertise that is made available to members and associates alike.

ACAPMA can provide support to members in all manner of employment matters from modern award queries, to EBA negotiations, to dealing with the Fair Work Commission. Simply call or email the ACAPMA Secretariat and advice will usually be provided to you within a day.

Utilise industry backed, best practice training for frontline staff

ACAPMA provides industry recognised best practice training in an easy to utilise online format which can be accessed from any computer device. Made available to ACAPMA members at heavily discounted rates the Petroleum Convenience Compliance course is the tip of the iceberg for ACAPMA’s development of compliance and best practice training.

ACAPMA has developed a National Petroleum Contractor Recognition Scheme (NPCRS). Designed to fill the ‘gap’ between the programmes operated by the oil majors and the absence of any such programmes in the wider industry, the NPCRS provides a light touch and cost-effective mechanism for promoting safe working practices within the petroleum contracting industry.

Have your say in the future of your industry

The central benefit of being connected with an industry association such as ACAPMA is the ability to stay informed of – and contribute to – emerging public debates about government policy and regulation that affects your business and the industry in which it operates.

ACAPMA is an industry association that is registered under Federal Fair Work legislation and staffed by a full-time Secretariat comprising six staff members. This means that ACAPMA is positively resourced and independently positioned to advance positions that benefit the industry as a whole – not just a small number of influential industry participants.

This service means that you get an opportunity to have a say in key issues affecting the health of your industry and the ongoing viability of your business.

Obtain valuable information about your industry

ACAPMA provides a regular electronic news service that is conveniently delivered to your email inbox every week. The news service is designed to keep you abreast of the latest news affecting the Downstream Petroleum Industry in Australia while also reporting on recent ACAPMA activities.

In addition, ACAPMA produces two reference documents which are made available each year.

  • The first – the annual Monitor of Fuel Consumer Attitudes – provides a summary of consumer attitudes about the petroleum industry in Australia in areas such retail prices, industry services, and safe operation.
  • The second – the Australian Petroleum Industry Scan – draws together information from a range of different sources to provide you with a comprehensive summary of the current state of the industry in Australia.

These documents are produced annually and intended to provide you with strategic insights that will help you manage your business successfully into the future.

Build valuable relationships within your industry

ACAPMA is in a unique position to put you in contact with your suppliers and your peers given the broad scope of our industry representation.

Each year, ACAPMA conducts a series of national regional events that provide you with an opportunity to network with other industry participants in a relaxed, business focussed environment.

These events include information seminars, regional workshops and our annual national conference. As an ACAPMA Member you will receive complimentary attendance at free events and substantial discounts for paid events

Benefits Program

ACAPMA members can enjoy special discounted rates on merchant services from the Commonwealth Bank. Click here to find out more.