The ACAPMA Assisted Compliance Audits are voluntary desktop audits, targeted to fuel retail businesses, focusing on identifying compliance gaps and educating businesses as to the requirements in the critical areas of;

  • Employment Compliance
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Environmental Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Tobacco Compliance
  • Dangerous Goods Compliance
  • Fair Trading Compliance

Importantly the ‘assisted’ nature of the Audits means that the business is provided with more than just a list of gaps, they are provided with customised resources and the support and advice required to address the gaps and implement new systems and procedures to demonstrate compliance.

Participation in the Audits does not result in penalties when there are breaches or gaps, rather the opposite is true, businesses are provided with information, support, resources and advice on how to fix the issue – the ACAPMA Assisted Compliance Audits are a ‘safe space’ to understand and fix issues, with the support of professionals experienced in the industry.

Due to the levels of support and resources provided ACAPMA Assisted Compliance Audits are only available to ACAPMA Members.

Assisted Compliance Audits for Wholesale and Transport Members are coming soon…

ACAPMA Assisted Compliance Audit Information & Applicaiton


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