ACAPMA’s Advocacy for the Industry

ACAPMA is the industry’s voice at Federal and State government — to the legislative, regulatory and judicial branches.

Every day ACAPMA advocates on behalf of the petroleum distribution and petrol convenience industries. The involvement of members is essential to advocating the industry’s agenda. The more who get involved, the louder the message.

ACAPMA regularly engages with government on issues ranging from:

  • National Fuel Supply – ensuring that Australia’s fuel supply is sourced via multiple supply lines, is affordable as a result of healthy competition, and can be readily accessed by all Australian Communities

  • Safe Industry Operation – ensuring that the operation of the downstream fuel industry takes all reasonable precautions in the wholesale, transportation, storage and retail of fuels such that the safety of workers, customers and the wider community is assured.

  • Industry Social Responsibility – ensuring that all businesses that comprise the industry act in the wider interests of the Australian community with regards to their employment obligations, environmental protection, public health and local community engagement.

  • Costs of Doing Business – ensuring that the end-cost of fuel to motorists is kept as low as possible by seeking to minimise the costs of regulatory compliance, statutory approvals for new works, merchant fees and government taxes.

  • Alternative Fuel – supporting the introduction of alternative fuels where these fuels bring broader community benefit and are introduced in accordance with natural market demand.

ACAPMA’s advocacy is developed around the objectives of working to:

Protect the viability of existing businesses by minimising the negative impacts of public policy and regulation.

Help fuel businesses capitalise on emerging business opportunities with a continually changing marketplace.